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Welcome to Flying Lease Aviation Partners—your go-to for bespoke aircraft leasing. We’re here to boost airlines worldwide, offering custom leasing solutions that drive your operational and financial success. Expand, explore, and enhance your operations with unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

Your Expert Aviation Partner from Touchdown to Takeoff

At Flying Lease, we offer a comprehensive range of aviation services, including Air charter, ACMI, Cargo charter, and Aircraft leasing. Our integrated teams collaborate seamlessly to deliver unparalleled service to our international clientele. Our commitment to ongoing enhancement fuels our engagement in the aviation community, exemplified by our steadfast presence in international industry forums and proactive engagement in global aviation discussions.

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Our Principles

Our core values are rooted in excellence, innovation, and reliability. We are committed to delivering top-tier leasing solutions with integrity and a customer-centric approach, ensuring every partnership is built on trust and mutual success

Our aim is to transform the aviation leasing landscape, providing dynamic, tailored solutions that empower clients’ success and drive the industry forward with integrity and innovation.

Our vision is to drive the future of aviation by pioneering leasing solutions that unlock boundless possibilities for global connectivity and transformative travel experiences.

Premium, High Class Jets Fleet

Our flights have facilitated sectors like business, politics, and entertainment, along with military deployments, medical rescues, marine explorations, firefighting, tourism, trade, and backing numerous fans. They’ve transported leaders to pivotal gatherings shaping destinies and nations. We’ve catered to seasoned and novice travellers for once-in-a-lifetime events, and our services have conveyed intricate mining machinery, catalysing productivity in multi-billion-dollar mining ventures.

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Our Team Defines Us

Our people are our most valuable assets. The work we do is only possible thanks to the skill, dedication and experience of every one of our team members.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment where ideas can propagate and our teams can excel. Since our inception, we’ve focussed on finding and retaining the world’s best talent. If that’s you, please get in touch below

A Culture to be Proud of

Our organisational culture stands as a beacon of pride, shaped by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. It’s a dynamic environment where every individual is valued, diversity is celebrated, and collaboration fuels our progress. We’ve cultivated a workplace where learning and growth are encouraged, ensuring that each member of our team feels empowered and recognised for their contributions. This culture not only enriches our internal community but also elevates the quality of service we provide to our clients, making it a fundamental pillar of our identity and success.