Cargo Charter

For swift and dependable cargo shipping, Flying Lease is your perfect solution

Tailored Services

Our cargo charter services specialise in transporting outsized machinery, hazardous materials, valuable goods, and urgent humanitarian aid, ensuring your shipment is moved swiftly and securely, customised to your needs.

Reliability 24/7

Our 24/7 global network guarantees unparalleled reliability and peace of mind, providing constant support and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, ensuring seamless service around the clock.

Unmatched CargoCharter ExpertiseShort Overview

Our charter experts, with hands-on tarmac experience, possess the comprehensive training necessary to oversee a charter flight’s management from start to finish

We guarantee your freight’s safe transit, analysing route, payload, and timeline to select the ideal cargo aircraft tailored to your needs. Our services include part-charters, backloads, and unique solutions for all cargo types, from ad hoc to peak-season and project demands. Leveraging our purchasing power and airline relationships, we consistently offer competitive pricing. Our dedicated team is committed to finding your perfect air cargo charter solution, ensuring it precisely fits your requirements. With deep industry knowledge, we promise a seamless service that meets your shipping needs, backed by our commitment to excellence and a comprehensive understanding of cargo charter intricacies.

Time-Critical Freight

Our cargo charter services cater to time-sensitive freight needs, ensuring prompt delivery of essential spare parts and equipment across various industries, including oil and gas and pharmaceuticals. We specialise in coordinating immediate “go now” flights, utilising private aircraft to expedite the transportation of urgent cargo.

Heavy & Oversized Cargo

Our expertise lies in handling heavy and oversized cargo, facilitating private jet charters designed for such tasks.

Whether it’s large containers, power units, or transformers requiring nose-loading freighters or ramp-loading aircraft, we identify and provide the perfect jet. Our dedicated approach ensures that no matter the weight, your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and safely, showcasing our commitment to meeting your specific transportation needs

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