Fractional Ownership

Enjoy fractional ownership, offering shared access to private jets, blending luxury, cost-efficiency, and flexibility.

The Concept

Flying Lease’s fractional ownership service makes luxury aviation accessible, allowing clients to own a part of a private jet, blending affordability with the exclusivity of private travel. This innovative approach provides frequent flyers with the convenience and prestige of private flights without the entirety of ownership costs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency

Guaranteed Availability

With Flying Lease, benefit from guaranteed aircraft availability within 24 hours, offering seamless, cost-efficient travel from any location, ensuring your journey is hassle-free and immediate


Take advantage of our shared ownership membership allowing individuals to co-own a private aircraft, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of exclusive jet travel. This model offers the luxury and convenience of private flying while sharing the expenses and responsibilities among multiple owners, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

By pooling resources, co-owners enjoy reduced acquisition, maintenance, and operational costs, making private travel more economical. This arrangement also allows for greater flexibility in scheduling flights, as the aircraft is shared among a limited number of owners, ensuring availability that closely matches individual needs. Furthermore, shared ownership simplifies the complexities associated with sole aircraft ownership, such as regulatory compliance, hangar space, and crew management. Owners benefit from a turnkey solution that offers the exclusivity of private jet travel, with the added advantage of cost-sharing. It’s an ideal strategy for those who fly frequently but are mindful of the high costs and logistical demands of full ownership, providing a balanced approach to enjoying the perks of private aviation

A Secure Investment

Flying Lease offers a safe investment pathway into fractional ownership, enabling you to partake in the luxury of private jet travel with minimised financial exposure. This model distributes the costs and responsibilities of jet ownership across multiple stakeholders, ensuring a more manageable investment. Each share is a stake in a tangible asset, likely to retain value and possibly appreciate. With Flying Lease managing operations and maintenance, your investment is safeguarded, promising both peace of mind and potential for returns